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Laundry, Dry cleaning & Steam pressing
State of the art laundry, dry cleaning amd steam pressing services. 95%
A/C cleaning
We provide quality A/C cleaning services. 98%
Online Service
You can procure our services online through our website or official app. 96%
Free pickup & delivery
We deliver it back to you at your convenient location and time 97%


Even with the advanced technologies in the 21st century that are meant for serving people, Laundry and dry-cleaning services are considered applicable to only rich ones, or only premium clothes are meant to be given for laundry and dry washing. Trustworthy service at affordable prices can encourage everyone to avail these services and Nova Cleaners exist for this. Our aim is to provide quality services to everyone, be it a professional or a homemaker. Don’t let the massive job of washing and ironing clothes spoil your free times;enjoy them with the assurance of your clothes being safe in our hands. We look forward for your comfort because that counts to our savings.
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Our Services


Our team of experts will be washing your clothes with premium quality cleansing agents. Stains will be treated with extreme Care so as not to cause any damage to the fabric.

Dry cleaning

Worrying too much about your stained clothes? Don't worry, we will treat your clothes for any pigments and clean it in our imported machineries without letting them lose their shine.

Steam pressing

Using our facility steam pressing, we will protect your clothes from damages triggered from regular hot plate irons.Garment, be it casual or formal will be treated in accordance to the type of material of the fabric.


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